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When I ask couples if they’re doing a first look, they either fall into one of three categories: A definite “NO!”, a “Maybe, we haven’t really thought about it”, or “What’s a first look?” So what is a first look anyway? A first look happens usually a few hours before the ceremony where the bride and […]

First Looks & Why You Should Have One

January 15, 2018

Wedding Advice

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Taylor and Kyle had the most perfect wedding day anyone could’ve asked for. It was so much fun hanging out with them all day long and I’m still so honored that they asked me to document their big day. I had the joy of hanging out with the ladies at the salon before the bridal […]

Schlitz Audubon Wedding: Kyle + Taylor

August 29, 2017


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Timing played a key factor in the relationship between Ally and Nico. They met through mutual friends and upon getting together, they realized they probably should’ve ran into one another sooner: from being on the same dinner cruise as one another to visiting the same pick your own fruit farms as children. They kept missing […]

Milwaukee Engagement: Nico + Ally

August 17, 2017


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Kacie & Justin knew each other in high school. They were two grades apart from one another and it wasn’t until after Justin graduated from high school that their paths crossed and a relationship blossomed. Justin decided to propose on the coldest day of the year. He had carved in an ice patch behind their […]

Kacie + Justin: Horse Farm Engagement

June 21, 2017


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To find a love like Kyle & Taylor’s is rare these days. These two started dating the summer going into 8th grade. Kyle asked Taylor out three times before Taylor finally agreed. They were voted ‘cutest couple’ by their 8th grade classmates. A title that still proves to be true. These two are absolutely adorable […]

Milwaukee Engagement: Taylor and Kyle

May 24, 2017


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Melissa and Victor. Two of my favorite people. Melissa is my younger sister and Victor is her boyfriend. Melissa has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. Whenever I have expressed any self-doubt about what I was doing in life, she was the one to set me straight. She’s honest, has the biggest heart of […]

Third Ward Couples’ Session: Melissa + Victor

March 6, 2017