real laughs. Authentic moments. That's my Photography style. 

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I get it because I've been there. Organizing and planning for family photos can be really stressful. From planning outfits to making sure that everyone is behaving, it can become a whole ordeal and before you know it, picture day is quickly approaching and you're running in and out of stores the day before, looking for something to wear. All you want are a few good ones and fingers crossed you get one with everyone looking and smiling at the camera.  

I got you! It doesn't have to be stressful. I'm here every step of the way. I will give you tips for planning outfits and work with you to capture those perfect moments that are worth framing. We will work together to find locations that are fitting to your family and I can guarantee you'll walk away with more than one good photo of everyone looking at the camera.

I'm Maria! Wife to an incredible man, blessed mama to these two beauties and the owner of Maria Campbell Photography. I specialize in family and lifestyle photography and am based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I started my photography business after realizing how much I loved photographing other people's kids. They listen so much better than my own!

In all seriousness, my job is to capture your life just as you remember it at this very moment. I want your kids to be wild just as they are sweet. I love to have fun, play games and go on adventures. I believe in letting kids be kids and that the best photos are the ones you look back on and feel something.  

When I'm not busy photographing families, you can find me hanging out with my sweet family, getting my hands dirty in my vegetable garden, or meeting up with my girlfriends for a coffee or wine date.


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